Graphispag, exploring the graphics market

Graphispag, explorando el mercado grafico

As part of its ongoing push to expand and innovate, this year People & Technology was at Graphispag, a trade fair for the printed graphics market. Our aim was to find out more about the sector and analyse how the technology developed by P&T can be used in new markets that employ digital inkjet printing in their production processes just like the ceramics industry.

The Cleanjector cleaning system drew the attention of everyone who faces the common problem of print heads getting blocked up and impossible to reuse. The Cleanjector cleaning system is the solution to their problems and is creating major savings for companies that already use it.

It is also worth highlighting the SpinInk packaging spinning system, which has attracted interest from manufacturers and users of paper and cardboard inkjet systems.

The people attending the trade fair came from a wide range of sectors such as packaging and cartons, textiles and printing. They expressed interest in P&T’s technology and shared their concerns and needs with our technical team.

The great impressions our team had after Graphispag coupled with our determination to enter new sectors means that we are now planning to attend this important trade fair again in 2019.