People&Technology, in its constant search for new markets, now incorporates the digital printing solution for the Concrete segment.

Certain elements made of concrete, such as prestressed joists, plates, blocks, etc., must incorporate by law, certain visual information.

Until today, this information was printed with manual methods or with dot printers, an obsolete technology that prevents the natural evolution of “mandatory marking”, towards the information age.

The need to communicate with our customers, makes any free surface of our product that we can use to offer information, becomes a powerful marketing tool and therefore becomes a key point for the ability to penetrate and consolidate, not only of the potential market, also of new opportunities.

Pleasant visual information, customizable logos, QR codes that automatically connect to our website or that provide instant technical information about the product, decorated beams that allow natural integration in rustic environments.

This is just the beginning of a new world of possibilities that opens up to the prefabricated concrete market.

People&Technology has worked closely with PRENSOLAND, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for the production of prefabricated and pre-stressed concrete materials.

The shared work of both R&D&I departments and months of work have allowed us to consolidate this ambitious project, in order to offer the market the necessary solutions.