Successful 1st P&T OPEN WEEK

Éxito de la I P&T OPEN WEEK

Great success: that is how we are describing the result of the 1st Open Week at People&Technology. More than 150 people in 27 ceramics companies and 15 paint companies have visited our facilities during these weeks. Due to the success in attendance, we extended the event to accommodate everyone that showed interest in getting to know our facilities and, also, our new products.

All the event attendees were surprised by the silicone roller manufacturing area, where we showcased all the steps People&Technology follows for its manufacturing. They were especially impressed with the amount of sizes and the large-format rollers (R11, 460×1,600mm, and R12, 460x1803mm).

The undisputed star has been the product we presented at Cevisama ’16, Backprint, the rib engober developed by P&T, that minimises the problems in the ceramic kiln rollers and differentiates the product quality among ceramic manufacturers. Thanks to its laser-engraved silicone roller technology, it applies engobe perfectly, which the attendees were able to verify in person.

And as a bet on the future, we presented Backtrack, a digital inverted vertical printing machine, to print company brands, bar codes, etc. and create traceability on the tile’s rib or other products that require it.

The ceramic paint companies showed great interest in Inkjetlab, considering this machine the perfect ally to achieve an optimal ink development. They also recognised the great usefulness of the 3 SpinInk models, which are exceptional ink mixing systems. Thanks to their temperature regulator, they can recover expired inks and cool off inks for production.

The effort of all our team made this event possible. Each department has strived to show the best of People&Technology to all the attendees. To the attendees: thank you for coming, we hope to see you in the next editions.