We launched a new service: VIRTUAL DEMO CENTER

Virtual demo center - Personas&Tecnología

From the armchair of your office or from your meeting room if you prefer to work as a team.

No waste of time, personalized and totally free.

The most comfortable way to find out the latest news from our catalog or to expand your knowledge of a specific machine.

This service offers all clients the possibility of viewing a live demo, remotely, of any of the People&Technology machines.

The client should only contact People&Technology and make an appointment, indicating the machines they are interested in, time and the emails of the people who want to participate.

Each of the indicated people will receive an email with the invitation to connect.

A simple click on the email received will allow us to connect with you and show you, in a personalized way, each of the aspects in which you are interested.

Through our integrated remote connection system, which has multiple cameras, we can show you even the smallest detail.

Request more information at https://www.personasytecnologia.com/en/request-for-virtual-demo-center/