We present the new SpinInk sizes

Presentamos los nuevos tamaños de SpinInk

SpinInk is the ink agitator machine developed by People&Technology to avoid ink sedimentation during storage.

Due to its success, the family of products is growing with two new models in different sizes, allowing us to adapt to different types of client.

Mini Spink-Ink is perfect for small consumers or to enhance efficiency making it comparable to digital machines (40 kg of ink). With a capacity of up to 120 kg of ink, SpinnInkV0 has been designed for large ink consumers, while SpinInkV1 Maxi can move up to 240kg of ink without having to remove the bottles from their boxes.

All the machines have a unique temperature control feature which reduces agitation times and improves the dissolution of solids deposited at the bottom of the bottles.