AFIP 2019, People&Technology has collaborated with SEIKO presenting INKTESTER

During the congress of AFIP 2019, Advanced Functional and Industrial Printing, held from 27th to 28th March in Dusseldorf (Germany), SEIKO made a presentation through Mr. Yoshinori Domae. The main advantages of the RC1536 head were made known, explaining to the attendees “the possibilities of taking INJET printing to the next level”.

One of the main features of the RC1536 head is the ability to print at a great distance from the surface, hitherto never seen, reaching more than one centimeter.
To demonstrate the capabilities of the RC1536 head, SEIKO has used the INKTESTER portable printer from PEOPLE&TECHNOLOGY, within the collaboration relationship between both companies.

The expectation and the results have exceeded all expectations.