People&Technology was born in 2006 in Onda (Castellón), a strategic area due to the high concentration of the ceramic industry. For this reason, in its origins People&Technology oriented its business towards the ceramic industrial sector. As in any new company, from the beginning the strategic development plan was established, which should define the future of the same.

The two main objectives were clear. The first objective focused on PEOPLE should be the central axis of the business. A company created by people, for people. The second objective would be to offer the market new and differentiating products, which clearly contributed an added value for the tile industry.

With these two objectives in mind, the name for the company was evident PEOPLE&TECHNOLOGY.

Those initial yearnings, made real by the effort and determination of the first members of People&Technology, have now become a company with international renown, young, dynamic and efficient, that looks to the future with great optimism and is proud of himself.

In 2016, People&Technology made the decision to make the leap to new markets, facing new challenges with the same objectives that guided its birth.

So, without forgetting the ceramic market that saw us born and that has helped us grow, People&Technology also begins to offer solutions in the vast market of the graphic industry.

The internationalization of People&Technology, is based on a network of distributors worldwide and attendance at fairs and events, with a minimum participation of 6 annual fairs, in different countries each year and differentiated sectors.

From here, we welcome our Customers, their ideas and projects. Our goal is to exceed their expectations.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is very present in People&Technology, internalized by each of the members that make up this company.

It is so real, that the name of our company already reflects the priority that PEOPLE represent for us and we are proud of it.

Our commitment to the environment is sincere. We apply ECO FRIENDLY thinking to all our machines, from conceptual to productive phases.

We consider sport as one of the greatest drivers of social cohesion and for this reason we actively support various local events and sponsor some teams.

Our greatest commitment is collaboration with associations that work in the integration of people with disabilities.


On December 21th, 2017, the chair of IVACE has granted PEOPLE&TECHNOLOGY S.L., support for the following project:


On May 31th, 2018, the chair of IVACE has granted PEOPLE&TECHNOLOGY S.L., support for the following project: