Inks have a common problem: SEDIMENTATION caused by storage for weeks.

If we load an ink bottle into the printer, which has been stored for several weeks, we will cause two important problems:

  • Flocculation of the pigment produces larger particles, which can cause blockage in the nozzles of the heads.
  • Part of the pigment will remain deposited in the bottom of the bottle when we empty it in the machine. This leads to economic loss because we need to use more ink to reach the same tone and also produce changes in tone during production, due to the loss of intensity, which requires to stop production to readjust the tone. Once again, a high economic cost.

Another problem added in the handling of the inks, usually is the difference of temperature between the ink that there is in the printer and the ink that we recharged. Often, this thermal shock produces a change of tone in the production and even instability in the circuit of inks, produced by the change in viscosity.

With the SPININK shaker system, you will always keep the ink fresh and at the same temperature as the printer, it guarantees that the intensity of your inks will be constant and homogeneous, thus avoiding printing failures during production.

Available in three models:

  • MINI – 4 cubitainers / boxes of 10 Kg = 40Kg – 8 carafes of 5kg = 40Kg max.
  • V0 – 12 cubitainers / boxes of 10 Kg = 120Kg – 20 carafes of 5 Kg = 100Kg max.
  • V1 – 20 packs of 16 Kg – from 36 to 44 carafes of 5Kg = 220 Kg max. (depending on the packaging format)

How does it work? SPININK