AKCOAT Spain (formerly known as Megacolor) acquires INKTESTER Digital PRO from People & Technology.


AKCOAT SPAIN, the INKJET ink division of the AKCOAT Group, continues to expand its INKJET business lines for new emerging markets. The incorporation of the INKTESTER PRO in their R&D lab, allows them to be at the forefront for the development of this technology.

“In today’s demanding INKJET market, we can no longer talk about inks, but about solutions. Primers, coatings, inks (even of different types) must coexist. INKTESTER PRO, with its capacity of up to 8 different circuits, offers us the possibility of making infinite combinations. This allows creating complex and reliable solutions for the most demanding markets.

AKCOAT, on their pursue to serve the customers and their requests, keeps expanding their R&D capabilities to provide solutions not only to the industry, but to people”

Juan Del Casar Ximénez

(Ceramic BU General Manager)