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People & Technology will introduce in it laboratory at Cevisama 2016, the last Projects developed for Ceramic sector. New machinery whose performance will know first-hand at our booth.


System to apply engobe applied using laser engraved roll. Roller RODIFLEX® BY P&T achieving uniform application and controlling the grammage all the time.


People & Technology, expand its Spin Ink gamma for Inkjet agitation packaging ink, featuring 3 different sizes: for 40 Kg, 120 Kg y 240 Kg ink, all packaging in the market can be adapted.


Laboratory for development and testing of Inkjet inks. This Project, which has been developed together with a leading inkjet ink manufacturers, it is a system that brings together different types of test on a single device.

Its main advantages: low amount of ink used and the ease handling.


People & Technology, presented its latest V3.1 CLEANJECTOR for users Inkjet heads and one new version for heads cleaning service CLEANJECTOR V4 capable of cleaning 12 heads simultaneously.