People&Technology present one more year at CEVISAMA 2020

People&Technology wants to thank the great reception by visitors, that one more edition, not wanted to miss the news for the ceramic sector.

In this edition of CEVISAMA, People&Technology has presented as a novelty, ECOBACK.

ECOBACK is a machine designed to remove the back engobe, once the tile is finished cooking.

As main advantages we can highlight: keep the factory clean after the kiln area, avoid the transfer of engobe during stacking, and offer a surface totally free of impurities for paste the tile on the floor or walls.

SILKSURFACE, a machine for satin dry tile, also had a large audience due to the great transformation that can be applied to a classic tile, especially in the area of ​​non-slip tiles.

Panels prepared and presented in collaboration with VIDRES, aroused great interest.

Once again, printhead cleaning and testing systems, CLEANJECTOR + INKTESTER, were the star products of the visits received.