Engobe on the back of the tile, is a practice that has been used for decades in the ceramic sector to avoid contamination of ceramic kiln rolls, caused by the direct contact of the tile during the cooking process.

This direct contact contaminates the ceramic rollers with glass, causing rings in the ceramic rollers.

Those rings cause:

  • Deformations in the tile, causing irregular curvatures (incorrect planarity).
  • That tiles are “mounted” on top of others inside the oven, causing tiles to accumulate in concrete areas, which cause the ceramic rollers to break due to the excessive weight accumulated.

In the market there are several types of machines to apply engobe, but they are not effective because they do not apply the engobe homogeneously in the back tile and sometimes polluting the top causing a decrease in production quality.

The incorrect application of the engobe in the back of the tile, supposes for the company great economic expenses;

  • Production stops to replace broken ceramic rolls
  • Stove stops for maintenance, more frequent than usual, to clean or replace the ceramic rollers.
  • High cost of each ceramic roller.
  • Failure to meet delivery deadlines due to production delays.
  • Loss of “brand image” due to the poor quality of the back of the tile.

BACKPRINT makes it possible to minimize these problems thanks to its patented technology of laser-engraved silicone roller.

The silicone roller adapts perfectly to the surface of the tile, even when the tile is not completely flat. If you have significant problems of planarity in the pieces, see in this same section the BACKPRINT-K Line machine, with floating silicone rollers.

Take advantage of the correct application of the engobe, to print certain information on the back of the tile, as for example; trademark, country of manufacture, model, etc. (depending on the type of relief on the tile)

During the laser engraving of the roller, this data can be incorporated. Consult with our experts who will advise you on the best way to introduce this process.

PRODUCE MORE THAN 3 MILLION SQUARE METERS WITH THE SAME ROLLER. This means in practice, that the application cost for each tile is totally residual.

In addition, the savings involved in not wasting any engobe, means that the investment for the purchase of the machine is amortized in less than a year.

With BACKPRINT, forget that the area where the engobe is applied is one of the dirtiest in the factory. The perfect application of the engobe, in the right and necessary quantity, avoiding the splashes completely, will help you to get the label of “ECO” that is undoubtedly within your objectives.


  • Applies slip on the back of the tile, with a silicone roller system.
  • Fine adjustment of the grammage (amount of engobe applied).
  • Available roller lengths: 76/96/126/173/192 centimeters.
  • Continuous agitation system, to avoid the settling of the engobe.
  • Automatic synchronization from BACKPRINT with the speed of the production line, to avoid the wear of the silicone roller.


Technology with silicone roller engraved with laser.


How BACKPRINT works, machine to apply engobe